Description PABX Master Module in White. Use with Data Grid Plates Varilight PABX Master Module In White used in Commercial, Personal and Business Exchanges ie. Usual Office Systems. It has a Capacitor and Resistor but no Lightning Protection. Use with Data Grid Plates VARILIGHT Varilight Data Grid Systems like all our products are designed to meet the latest European Safety Legislation. This exciting new design enables you to choose data modules to fit onto special single and double face plates. There are more than 60 modules on offer including: Sound & Security Modules, Co-axial & F-Type Modules, Data Modules and Blanking Modules offering thousands of combinations to mix and match to your individual requirements. Very simple to assemble: modules just clips into the Data Grid Faceplate. Data Grid Plates are available in most of our Plate Finishes, Screwed and Screwless. -Height (mm):50 -Width(mm):25 -5021575966237 -Fits in a 25mm Deep Wall Box, depending on Data plate used with -To clean product we recommend only using a microfibre cloth. – Wiring Accessories PDF


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