Prem-I-Air 12W High Powered Insect Killer


Prem-I-Air 12W High Powered Insect Killer Eliminates Flying Insects Quickly and Efficiently Ideal for Use in Restaurants, Cafes, Farms, Kitchens, Factories, Schools, Food shops and Offices. Easy to Wall or Ceiling Mount Safe to use (uses no toxic chemicals) 30 sqm Coverage Hygienic and easy to clean

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SKU: EH1351


This 2 x 6 W Commercial Insect Killer features twin UV-A 6 W tubes which will attract flies and other flying insects destroying them quickly without the need for sprays or chemicals. The suggested coverage is a massive 30 sq.m. Fitted with an easy clean collection tray and a hygienic alloy housing with ABS side panels. Supplied with hanging chains. Fitted with a 230V plug.


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