Description 1 or 2 Way 10 Amp Power Grid Switch Black Varilight 1 or 2 Way 10 Amp Power Grid Switch Black PowerGrid is a major new addition to the VARILIGHT Dimension range of electrical accessories. There are 42 new PowerGrid modules 24 grid faceplates across the three finishes enabling the end-user to create countless combinations to produce tailor-made wiring accessories for specific projects. Dimension PowerGrid employs mini fixing screws but will complement the existing range of Dimension Screwless sockets and DataGrid accessories to create one hugely expanded range assortment. PowerGrid switch modules are available as 10AX 2-way and 20AX with 2-way and 1-way configurations, single and double pole. Standard switches, including some incorporating neons are complemented by intermediate switches, key switches, 2-way and off retractive switches, 13A fuse holders, 16A flex outlets and green, amber and red neon indicator modules, blanking modules and both 250W and 400W multi-purpose 2-way dimmer modules. There are four different grid frames (substrates), for these products, which hold the inserts in place in the plates. These Grid Frames are included when you buy each of the plates. “Mega-Gang” options are available using 6-, 8-, 9- and 12-gang faceplates. -Height (mm):50 -Width(mm):20 -5021575965520 -Max Load 10 Amps -Fits in a 45mm Deep Power Grid Wall Box -To clean product we recommend only using a microfibre cloth. – Power Grid PDF


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