6+6+3W CU SL 100A DP MAIN +2X63A RCD


This new 17th edition high integrity split load metal consumer unit with MCB from CED is designed with the specifier, installer and user in mind. The enclosures and devices are coordinated to provide comprehensive circuit protection solutions and ease of installation with a stylish contemporary design to integrate within any home. It is manufactured in accordance with IEC and comply with BSEN 61439-3. A metal steel enclosure (as required by IET 4211201). Complete with 4 wall mounting large size keyholes for easy fixing. Accessory pack included: Pre-printed identification labels, blanks & phase insulator. Uses two RCD protected sections and a number of ways for dedicated high integrity circuits using 30mA RCBO’s.

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6+6+3 Way Main Switch Board
New modern user friendly design quick and easy to install
Full metal steel casement construction for safety and to impede fire entry.
Steel drop down solid cover to protect against dust and retard fire entry.
Separate earth and neutral terminal at the top for easy wiring and identification.
Generous internal cabling space above RCBO's (for time saving wiring).
Easy knockouts all round for trucking entry and wall mounting.
Compact and robust construction.
Large terminals.
None combustible cover blanks.
General Information
Dimensions (mm) 433 x 237 x 110mm
Ingress Protection (IP) IP20
Product Colour/Finish White
Performance Data
Approvals RoHS, CE
Filled with MCB N
Frequency (Hz) 50Hz
Performance Data
Isolator 100A DP
Rated Votage 230 - 240V
Performance Data
RCD 2 x 80A DP 30mA
Sensitivity 30mA
Performance Data
Specifications Board - BSEN61439-3 MCB - IEC60898 RCD - IEC61008
Terminal Capacity (²mm) n/a
Body Material Metal
Knockouts 32-25-20-20-20-20-25-32
Number of free ways 15
Number of ways 21
Warranty Years 1yr
Weight 4.425Kg
Applications Domestic, commercial applications